Making job candidate assessment, fast & hassle-free!



Finding the right teammate is challenging, time consuming and some times it can go wrong badly. Being culturally fit and having the required skills is of more value than certificates, academic degrees and awards presented on cold resumes.
Instead of screening loads of CVs, with Seula you can attract, manage the process and focus on making the final decision on screened candidates.

How seula works?

Seula is an online platform for managing the recruitment process. The 3 key functions are:

  • Seula creates an exam for a position based on required skills from an evolving questions databank
  • Seula helps with distribution of exam link on social media or embeding exam card in your job ads with detailed response analytics
  • Candidate information and status tracking with assesment results, tags and notes

There are some other notable features availble on seula:

  • Customizable and automated communication with candidates
  • Multiple fraud prevention methods
  • Always evolving question databank
  • Code or text writing questions with semi-automatic grading system
  • Optional Biometric identity verification using ICAO standard biometric passports
  • Optional targeted job ad promotion campaign design, execution & reporting

Bespoke questionaire creation, customized process, fully branded edition and candidate due diligence service are available for VIP customers.

Start using Seula

Using 4 steps, you can start receiving filtered candidates for your job ad:

  • Register on
  • Create an exam by selecting the desired position and assigned skills
  • Share the Seula generated short link to your target audience
  • View results

Pricing model

You pay only for the candidate contact information (CCI) that you choose to view. It can be for qualified canidate or any other candidate you wish to reveal its contact information. Once you reveal a CCI, you will have access to it as long as your subscription is active.

Our monthly subscription plans give you a number of CCI revealing tokens. The tokens expire at the end of each subscription period and you get fresh tokens based on your subscription plan

You can cancel your subscription at anytime by going to subscription menu in the dashboard.

Seula also provides employer branding capabilities with colors, logo, cover image, email texts along with personalization of messages sent between employer and job applicants. is a service provided by Blegrator Oy, Helsinki, Finland.